Kayla’s Favorite Homemade Dressing for Arugula Salads

One of my favorite go to quick homemade salad dressings to whip up is only 5 ingredients and so good!

I honestly have only made this for arugula salads, because I know it would be good on other types of lettuce salads too!

I don’t measure my ingredients for this because it’s truly based on taste, but a couple teaspoons of each is a good start minus the salt and pepper to taste.

Fresh squeezed lemon juice

Olive oil

Apple cider vinegar

Cracked salt and pepper

For me I love to dress up my arugula with cherry tomatoes and fresh shredded parmesan cheese and a little more cracked salt and pepper. Sometimes I will throw on some croutons.

So easy and so so good. It tastes like something you would get at a fancy restaurant and wish you could figure out how to replicate the dressing at home. Yummy!


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