Why is Monat Different?

I finally decided that this topic was worthy of its own blog post. I share this information so often, repeating myself over and over that I decided it’s time!

So here we go this my friends may be a long post, but bare with me. It’s good + valuable information to anyone who may have any interest in trying our products or joining the company for the business opportunities.

You know when you start a new business, you typically sit with someone in Human Resources do a bunch of paperwork to become familiar with the ins and outs of the company, you talk compensation, you go through training to better educate yourself, etc.

Monat is no different. However I am here to be your “human resource supervisor,” someone to help guide, educate and provide you with knowledge to help you be successful!

See what’s neat about me, I have a cosmetology license and have basic skincare education. So I wasn’t just thrown into the Monat world with no clue of what I’m working with. Many people however are, but that’s the neat thing about this company. I am not the only one providing extensive trainings on all things life, business, social media and product knowledge. We have an entire team of incredible people, Monat staff included that are here to help guide you to be as successful as your heart desires. The amount of trainings offered to be quite honest can almost be overwhelming because we truly do have that many people who are there to provide such awesome content, many being hairstylists themselves!

If someone said to me, Kayla what is one thing that sets Monat apart from other hair care lines in the industry, I would hands down say the science behind the products.

Monat is literally taking the haircare industry by storm. The products are proven to work and work effectively. They contain botanically safe ingredients that have gone through rigorous independent tests to show that they perform and do as they are supposed to! We have a scientific advisory board that stands behind our products, which is made up of dermatologists, ophthalmologists and other MDs who specialize in anti aging, science and beauty and cosmetic principals.

We use the highest quality products in both our hair and skincare line that help reverse the damage done to our hair, which in return helps reverse the aging. You may be thinking hair doesn’t age, but yes my friends it does. Just as our skin ages our hair too ages. We lose porosity, hydration, it can become more coarse as we gray. But with our products we are able to slow down that aging and keep our locks looking young and vibrant!

I am going to share a few links here that talks more in depth of the science and ingredients behind our products:


Science of Monat

Scientific Board

I’m going to conclude by sharing this. If you’ve never tried Monat, of course I recommend it. Is it for everyone? No. But if you’ve tried it in the past and didn’t like it, I’d love to help you get set up to love them! When Monat first launched in 2014 they had very few product lines and now we have something for everyone!

I’d love to help you get started to a journey of healthy hair!


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