Meet Kayla, your “Pint Size Perfectionist”

Hey. I’m Kayla. As I tell my husband I’m a little of bit everything. I’m a personal chef, housekeeper, teacher, stain remover expert (not just for my little one who has had multiple diaper explosions, but for my husband who never fails to dabble a little lunch on his nice work shirts), photographer, crafter, professional diaper changer and Pinterest pinner, cosmetologist (<–for real), wanna be couponer, etc. But mainly I’m a wife and stay at home mom to my sweet little almost three month old, Grayson.

My Husband, Brent, Son,  Grayson and I
My Husband, Brent, Son, Grayson and I

For years now I’ve contemplated starting a blog, but never really knew what to blog about other than my day-to-day life. Now as a new mom and having the opportunity to stay home, thanks to my amazing husband who works his toosh off for me to be able to do so, I’ve realized I have so many things I love to do and want to share with others.

Grayson and I
Grayson and I

Anyways, a little more about myself, your Pint Size Perfectionist. My husband, Brent, son, Grayson and I moved to New Jersey in August 2014. My husband accepted an engineering position with a consulting firm in the Big Apple; therefore, relocating us from the midwestern state of Indiana. We had our son Grayson on July 29, 2014, who arrived 6 days late, and has been the light of lives since that day. As you can imagine I was one stressed momma; a baby and a big move all within a month was a lot to take in. This move has provided me with one big benefit and that is allowing me to stay home with my sweet boy. I enjoy photography and I adore my Canon camera, until about a week ago it stopped working on me. So guess what? I get to buy a new camera! Before I found out I was pregnant I had started a small photography business on the side, of doing hair. Yes, I too am a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Indiana. I put that on the back burner, but someday hope to be able to take pictures again. In the meantime, I still photograph my son and our weekend family outings, and everything in between.

A few random facts:

  • Growing up I wanted to be a pediatrician
  • I love shopping the day after Christmas
  • I am a Leo, slightly OCD and worry wart
  • I have been attempting to learn the basics of couponing
  • I love the color pink
  • Sweet tea
  • Shopping (now more for my son)
  • Burning candles
  • Chocolate chip mint ice cream
  • Breaded tenderloins
  • Crafting
  • Cooking
  • Getting my hair cut and colored
  • Fall
  • I went to Purdue University for 3 years in education before deciding to attend cosmetology school


Your probably wondering where the name Pint Size Perfectionist came about. For days I pondered of the best blog name. I searched lots of articles online on what makes a great catchy blog name. I wanted something that represented me, unique, short and easy for others to remember. I’m 4’11”, short, I know…I was laying in bed and trying to put together words that resembled something short and somehow “pint size” was the first thing that came to mind. Many of my family and friends know this, but I am a slight perfectionist. Anything I do I want it to be perfect, whether it be cleaning the house, working on a DIY project, doing my hair, you name it. I ran the three words together and said them over and over again in my head and that was it, Pint Size Perfectionist.     

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