A Little Fall Photography

If you know me personally, you will know my love of photography. Before pregnant with Grayson, I was taking some pictures on the side of doing hair. Although I have not posted to the page in awhile you can check out some of my work here on my Kayla Dunham Photography Facebook Page. I love natural light photography (outdoors) and being able to use nature and it’s surroundings as my props. I also love the editing process. There are so many neat features to use to touch up a picture, but what’s great is when you have that one picture that is just perfect right off the camera! Although I have had to put taking pictures of others on the back burner until Grayson gets a little older, it has not stopped me from capturing my family’s special memories and it helps that I have my own little model to photograph every day!

Today Grayson and I went outside for a bit and he actually cooperated enough for me to snatch some 3 month pictures of him.


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