How We Keep Our Baby Busy!

I have heard people say before, “What all can you even do with a baby that can not yet crawl, walk or talk?” Actually you would be surprised at all the things you can do in the home and outside the home with your little one. Before I became pregnant I always told myself I wanted to make sure my baby was not just always laying around. I wanted to help him learn from a young age. Babies even though they are so little pick up a lot more than what we as adults think. Brent always said, I want you to read to Grayson everyday. I want him to be smart. Haha. Grayson actually will sit through me reading an entire Cat in the Hat book and if you know how long those books are and how tongue twisted one can get while reading them you understand…and that is only at three months old.

For the longest time Grayson was not napping very well during the day, so therefore he and I had a lot of awake time we shared together; which led to lots of time for me to find things for him to do. Baby’s attention spans, well Grayson’s at least is very short. After ten minutes of one activity he’s like okay mom what’s next? We do things together and I always have to be by his side. Remember babies too at this age do not cope all that well with separation anxiety. Grayson is one of them, if he notices you are gone for what seems longer than five minutes you better just get your toosh back to him right away at that first whimper or we may be in complete and utter tears for the next twenty minutes.

I have compiled a list of fun activities that we enjoy doing with our sweet little Grayson and some that I plan to do once he gets a little older. Some of these things are as simple as enjoying tummy time together. Yes, I often find myself lying on my tummy facing my little guy talking to him to keep him happy as he suffers that awful dreadful tummy time. We have to remember as parents that it is our job to help mold our child and help them grow and learn, it all starts at home. So don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy spending time with your little ones.

1. Tummy time

2. Read a book

3. Play peek a boo

4. Take them to a gym– We take Grayson to a little gym in our area called, My Gym.

5. Go on a walk–If it’s too cold load the kids and take a walk at the mall.

6. Sing songs

7. Do crafts

8. Simply just talk to them

9. Help them sit up by trying different contraptions such as a high chair or bumbo seat

10. Take pictures with them–You would be surprised how much my little guy loves to see himself in the camera.

11. Play with them in the bathtub

12. Listen to music

13. Do baby exercises- Grayson has an issue going #2 so we do a lot of leg bicycles anyways, but even just moving their arms up and down, leaning them side to side, arm rolls and assisting them in standing helps with balance, coordination and it helps them stretch out.

14. Create sensory tubs–I can’t wait to do this with Grayson when he is a little bit older. It will help him discover and interact with a variety of different materials

15. Teach them sign language–Babies tend to pick up small signs that can be “signed” back to whom ever they are signing with. Start with signs such as “done” “eat” “more”
16. Go to the park

17. Let them play on a play mat.

2 thoughts on “How We Keep Our Baby Busy!

  1. Great post! For whatever reason people assume that little ones that can’t walk are kind of like little human potatoes. They can do things, not a lot of things but they like to be entertained. Love the footprint turkey you made!

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