Frankenstein Footprint Craft–See How Ours Turned Out!

Before my son was born I had began pinning lots of craft ideas to do with kids on my Pinterest. I have always had a crafty side and enjoy doing fun little activities with children. I have a board on my Pinterest called “Kayla’s Classroom” that has tons of activities for infants, toddlers and children. You will find a little bit of everything pinned in that board so feel free to check it out with the link above. I also have a special board for Holiday crafts and activities to do with your children.

I have always been anxious to do craft activities with my own children and with Grayson’s first official Holiday coming up, Halloween, I took advantage and did our first craft. We made a little card with a Frankenstein foot print with a little saying that we sent out to the grandparents. I was a little nervous attempting this paint project with a two month old, but found an easy way for me to do it by myself. Holding a little ones foot still with green paint is a little difficult when he quite simply enjoys kicking those little feet, but 13 Frankenstein cards later we got the job done and they turned out so cute!

The easiest way for me to do this was to lay Grayson on the carpet by our kitchen floor. I had a small paint brush laying on a napkin with a bottle of paint. I had all the cards I needed in a stack along with a couple wet paper towels and a few dry ones. With one hand I would hold his foot and with the other I squirted paint on the brush and then painted the bottom of his foot. I grabbed a card and pressed it up to the bottom of his foot firmly and evenly so it got all parts of his foot onto the paper. I was able to do about two cards with the paint on his foot before I needed to reapply. I would just squirt a little more paint onto the brush when I needed to put more on his foot. I had done a few a while back and also squirted some paint on a paper plate, but putting a little on the brush at a time allowed me to use less paint and not waist as much. For cleanup, I used the wet clothes and wiped up as much paint off of the bottom of his feet as possible. I did have to put a little soap on them too because he liked curling his toes and the paint was in his toenails too!

After I got all of the footprints onto the cards I let them dry then added a little saying and my own personal touches to the Frankenstein. This was such an easy activity, and I even made one for myself to display for Halloween. Little things like this will be so cute to look back on!

Grayson's Footprint
Grayson’s Footprint
Halloween Card
Halloween Card

Here are a few links to some cute fall/Halloween crafts to do with your little ones.

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