New Year, New Resolutions


I’ve been very busy lately. I have been trying to get back into the groove here in NJ and I feel like I have had to run more errands just this week then ever before. The Holidays threw me out of wack and we had a very busy schedule meeting with all of our family for Christmas get togethers and letting Grayson enjoy time with family he’s only been able to see a few times.

I haven’t really had the time to sit and blog, yet I have so much to share. So be on the lookout for many new posts! Just a reminder it’s hard to keep up when I have a little baby that thrives for attention, and I am totally okay with that. So I squeeze in blogs when I can.

I can’t wait to share with you about how Grayson’s first Christmas and New Years went! I’m so anxious to see where 2015 takes us!

Anyway, I normally don’t set many New Years resolutions, but now a mom and having not as much time to myself I have tried to come up with some realistic resolutions that I think can actually be completed.

1. Lose “some” weight.
-Since I am breastfeeding and can not really give up a ton of calories, but seriously who likes counting calories, I am being more cautious of what I eat. More fruits and veggies; which I eat a lot of anyway.

2. Make Grayson’s baby food.
-So far I have officially made green beans and sweet potatoes. (I have a blog post for this so look out for it!) I actually really enjoy the time it takes to make his food, it gives me a good feeling knowing I am giving him a healthy food option.

3. Learn to arm knit.
– I actually went and bought yarn today and I attempted it for about 15 minutes until Grayson got fussy and I had to stop. So this may be something I have to do when he goes to bed. (Will have a post on this as well!)

4. Take more family outings.
– As a family we do go out and do things, but Brent and I would like to take a few weekend trips to various places around our area. Brent wants to truck to Maine. Which I think would be so fun!

5. Cook more foods I’ve pinned on my Pinterest.
– It’s that simple.

6. Plan out our meals better.
– Planning our meals helps me better track our monthly budget; which leads me to my next resolution.

7. Maintain our monthly budget.
– I have printed out a budget organizer from Pinterest and want to start watching our money so we can have a good savings built up.

8. Complete more crafts off Pinterest.

9. Get back into photography.
– I love photography and just got a new camera! (Post will be coming soon about this too!) I want to learn some new things about my camera and be able to provide awesome pictures for people as well as for myself, mostly of Grayson of course!

10 . Be the best mom.
– I want to give Grayson the world and provide him with anything and everything he needs. I want to be a positive role model for him and help him learn and grow.

11. Be a better wife.
– We all have flaws and I want to work on excelling and being a good wife to Brent.

Here’s to 2015!



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