Healthy Homemade Baby Food

One of my goals once Grayson was born, was to make his baby food homemade when he was at the point of being able to eat solids. I can officially say that I have now started to make his food at home and I am so happy with being able to provide this healthy option for Grayson. As many know I love Pinterest! It has been a great resource to use while making his baby food here at home. I have learned a variety of different ways that mom’s make their baby food at home as well as rummaging through a variety of different homemade recipes that mom’s put together. You can take a look at my Pinterest board that is dedicated to foods for baby, infants and toddlers here.

Grayson has only tried a handful of fruits and vegetables as we try them for a period of time before sampling a new food to watch for allergies. He has tried bananas, apples, pears, peaches, prunes, squash, sweet potato, peas, green beans, and avocado. Since we traveled back to Indiana for the Holidays I did give him store bought baby food, as we travel that will be our go to, but while home I plan to provide him with the healthiest options available to him.

Making baby food is as simple as simple gets. I actually enjoy the time it takes to make it and it gives me such a giddy feeling inside knowing Grayson is getting fresh fruits and vegetables with no preservatives. I am excited for when I can start mixing foods and coming up with different flavored concoctions.

So far I have made sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and peaches. He has also had fresh banana and avocado. Those however can not be froze as they change color, brown. So when he trys those, he gets them fresh.

Steps to making homemade baby food:

1. Select your fruits and vegetables

2. Wash and peel any skins that need to be removed as well as any seeds.

3. Wash again

4. Chop into pieces (The smaller the pieces the quicker they will steam).

(You want to remember. When making food you can make it whatever consistency you like. Grayson is still little with no teeth so I prefer a very thin substance. Breastmilk or water can be added to help give it a thinner consistency, to make sure you do no have large pieces that could become a choking hazard it is best to remember… Over steam, over blend. The longer it steams the softer it becomes. The longer you blend/puree the smoother the texture.)

4. Steam desired fruit or vegetable. (I use a pot with water in the bottom and a strainer pan that sits on top.) I throw my chopped food in and let it steam until I can take a piece out and a fork can easily mash through it.

5. Add steamed food to a blender. (You can use what you would like, we have a blender and I toss the food in and add a little water. And blend until I get it to a thin consistency. I will check and if it’s not thin enough I will add a little more water.

6. Once blended I pour the puree into a silicone tray. The tray I use I purchased at Buy Buy Baby and each portion size is 2oz. I let the puree cool in the tray before I put it in the freezer.

This is the tray I use.

Silicon Baby Food Tray

7. I let the puree freeze in the tray over night and then the next day pop the cubes out and place them in a freezer bag labeled with the food name and date they were made. Then stick them back in the freezer.

Be sure before you start making away to do a little reading. There are some foods that are not preferred at a certain ages and some that are good foods, but may cause gas etc. You can find lots of information on Pinterest as well as baby food cookbooks!

Enjoy these pictures of Grayson trying avocado today for the first time! He ate quite a bit then I let him sit and play with the rest. I’m a fun mom, I know. =)

Let’s check out this spoon.
Okay mom, enough with the pictures!
What do you want me to do mom? Put my fingers in it?
I get to play with my food!?
I thought this was a neat picture. I bought a new camera and was playing with the settings.
I thought this was a neat picture. I bought a new camera and was playing with the settings.

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