Arm Knitted Scarf

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to learn to arm knit. I am proud to announce that I can successfully arm knit! I literally watched a Youtube video once all the way through, then again but followed along. The first scarf I messed up the binding and improvised my own way, haha. The second scarf was good, and I’m starting my third one tonight; which will be the best! Practice makes perfect!

It’s a stress reliever, and fun to see the finished product!

Here are the two I have finished!

 I have learned in this process it’s difficult to do with a baby who is awake. Haha. I am hoping to make a few of these to sell! So be on the look out if you may be interested in purchasing!

Scarf #2
Scarf #2
Scarf #1
Scarf #1

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