Kisses for Smiles


As you can see my little guy clearly loves his kisses from mom. He’s probably not loving how ratchet mom looks, but hey this post isn’t about me. It’s about this sweet little boy who melts my heart more than he will ever know.

I always wonder if he knows what a kiss is or what it means. I mean I know he doesn’t know that a kiss can mean affection and how much you love someome. I give this sweet boy more kisses in one day not just because I want to, but because everytime I do it puts the biggest smile on his face. Whether he knows what a kiss from his mom means, or maybe it’s the touch of my lips to his cheek that tickles him, or  he thinks I’m just playing…. the smile makes me feel like I’m doing something right in the world.


I am not kidding when I say there has been days when the only way I can get Grayson down for a nap is by kissing his face all over. The little pecks on his checks and forehead must be soothing enough to make the wee one fall asleep. I love watching his face as I smooch those plump cheeks and watch his eyes flutter.


Want to know what melts my heart even more? When he turns his face into mine and has his mouth open and places it right on my cheek as if he knows he too is trying to give me a kiss. So much perfection in one little soul. 


Whether he does or doesn’t know what a kiss is at almost six months old, the only thing that matters is the smile I see on his face when I give him kisses all over.



Daddy had to sneak in a kiss too. 🙂

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