Painting in a Bag

Last week I compiled a list of activities I wanted to do with my son, if you missed that post you can view it here (he will be 7 months at the end of this month)! One of the activities on the list was to do “painting in a bag.” I had seen this done on Pinterest a few times and was excited to do it with Grayson! It’s super simple and not messy at all! =)

I had a hard magnet board that I used as a base so that he could press down and not rip his paper or the bag. I just cut a piece of paper in half and put three globs of paint on the paper and placed it in a ziploc back. So the bag wouldn’t move I used duck tape and taped the ends of the bag onto the magnet board. It worked perfect holding the bag in place. Just make sure you tape the zipper side of the bag!

Grayson enjoyed this fun activity even though he would have much rather tried to figure out how to rip the bag and actually get into the paint!

This will definitely be a craft we do again!

*For children who are younger and can not yet sit on their own, you can lay them on their belly ‘tummy time’ and let them use their hands to move around the paint. Perfect for those babies who may hate tummy time. This activity may keep them distracted from noticing they are enjoying tummy time. 😉

I think we will have a Picasso in the family!

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein

IMG_1165 IMG_1166 IMG_1167 IMG_1171 IMG_1172 IMG_1173 IMG_1182


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