Caught Up in Life

Here lately I have been slacking on keeping my blog up to date. I’ve noticed I have been a little caught up in life lately. Spending time with my little boy and husband along with trying to enjoy the nice weather and take on some hobbies. Many that know me know that I struggle with a little stress and anxiety at times and every since I have had Grayson I feel like I’ve had a touch of the baby blues. The winter stunk we haven’t been able to go out much and we are all having a little cabin fever. The last week the weather warmed up enough I was able to take Grayson to the playground for the first time. We also took a trip to the ocean and to Jenkinson’s Boardwalk; which was a place on my summer to do list. We plan to go back when it warms up though! I still find myself struggling in some areas. Sometimes I feel good and energized and sometimes I’m so tired and exhausted I just want to sleep all day, but we know that can’t happen with a baby.

Grayson has hit this very clingy, I am going to cry if mom walks out of the room, I’m not going to eat green veggies anymore phase. It’s hard to get much done but I’ve thought more and more that he’s only little so long and I need to be there for him. He’s truly my best friend. He may only be 7 months but he has my whole heart forever.

I promise for myself to try to keep posting more so that in the future I can go back and read this blog as well as if Grayson wants to look back on some of his adventures.

In the meantime I am working on a hobby of scrapbooking. I am trying to get Grayson’s scrapbook all caught up to display at his first birthday. Last week I got a handful of pages done. (These are cell phone pictures so they aren’t great, but I’d like to share.)


I love this page! It has one of the bracelets Brent and I wore in the hospital as well as Grayson’s bracelet.



Valentine’s Day we celebrated in Indiana, but we did a photo shoot here in NJ.


Halloween we celebrated in NJ. Grayson was so little we only visited Brent’s boss’s. House.


St. Patty’s Day is actually tomorrow, but we did a photo shoot a week or so ago!

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