“I’ll Always Be Your Favorite Grayson”

This weekend I took my son and husband outside behind our apartment to snap some pictures of them. My husband is not the “picture type”, but he really didn’t have a choice. =) I think I am a photo addict. I love taking pictures. I love editing pictures, and I love when I can take memorable pictures of my family.

I get a hype when I get a picture that looks good when you replay it on the camera, but once you get them on the computer you are just amazed at how well it turned out. Taking pictures of two “men” can be difficult. They simply have a mind of their own, often times one looking one way, one looking the other, one talking, grabbing trees (the husband), and when I can capture a few of them looking right at me and it turns out better than you expected, actually quite heart melting, it makes my heart feel good. The picture below to be exact. Ugh that bokeh in the background. So beautiful. My husband was watching the old Jurassic Park movies on T.V. and I told him he needed to change his clothes because he promised me I could get some pictures of him and Grayson. We were getting close on our lighting, but I am soooo glad we got this shot. I think this will be a framed one for Father’s Day!


I love pictures where everyone is looking right at the camera, but the ones that truly melt my heart are the pictures where everyone is being themselves and enjoying life as it is. It’s those “in the moment” pictures that make life so real. These are my favorite “in the moment” pictures I got of my boys.

IMG_3197 IMG_3201 IMG_3213bw IMG_3214 IMG_3258 IMG_3277 IMG_3281 IMG_3282 IMG_3283 IMG_3301

The evening was perfect and I got a lot of great pictures! Thankfully they cooperated for me as well as they did. They made this momma proud. And seriously, my son makes the cutest faces!

Brent told me when he was little his dad always said, “You’re my favorite Brent,” and he would say, “but I’m your only Brent.” And a few times I have heard Brent say to Grayson, “You’re my favorite Grayson,” and in his best ‘Grayson voice,’ he would say back “but I’m your only Grayson.” I truly do love, the love they have for eachother.

Enjoy a few more of my favorites!

IMG_3189 IMG_3194 IMG_3217-copy IMG_3218 IMG_3235bw IMG_3236

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