We’re Moving!






Our time in New Jersey is quickly coming to an end! We are headed back to our home state of Indiana and we could not be any more excited! Our time in New Jersey has been an amazing experience and I am sad that Grayson will never remember all of the fun and exciting things we have embarked on, but trust me I have many pictures to show him when he’s older. 😉 This past week I have spent my time packing up our apartment. When we moved from our Indiana home a year ago I was not quite one month postpartum and thankfully we had lots of help! Packing now is a different story. I am doing most of the packing with a one year old tagging along side me pulling anything his little hands can get to out of the box. 

We can’t wait to be back in the Hoosier State!

**I had to snap a few pictures of Grayson “assisting” I mean playing on the boxes in the packing process!**



IMG_6113bw IMG_6114 IMG_6139 IMG_6140bw IMG_6142 IMG_6144

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