A Letter to my Baby Boy on his 1st Birthday

So I feel bad I’m writing this a month late, but hey better than not getting it done or waiting until it’s time to write the next letter. I feel like my mind has been going a thousand miles a minute and now as I sit here on the couch holding my sleeping teething baby boy I figured now was the time to write this letter. It’s quite, other than reruns of Reba playing in the background and for once in the past month I feel like I can just relax.

Before I get into my letter to Grayson I just want to say we had an absolutely amazing and unforgettable 1st birthday party for him. We celebrated with family and friends and it was better than I imagined. I worked so hard planning and making decorations for his party, because you only get one 1st birthday party. Well you only get one party for every age, but the 1st is always so special. But if you know me I will go all out for every birthday. My baby is special and he deserves the best right, and here I am already on Pinterest pinning ideas for his second birthday party. 🙂

I can not believe a whole year has flew by. You are one! That little 8 lb. baby of mine is now 24 lbs! You are walking and talking, well jabbering, but you are saying words! You can say mama, dada, duck, ball, hot, baby, up, and quack quack. You have eight teeth and your 9th is almost through the gum and you have three more that could be here soon! You love giving kisses, being held, dancing to music, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, eating goldfish, and trying to climb up on anything you can. You have a love for holding rocks even though it gives mommy a slight heart attack when you attempt to quickly and sneakily stick a small one in your mouth. You love riding on the gator and it has become an easy way to get you to fall asleep. You love water whether it be in the tub, shower, playing with your water table or running in the hose.

Your smile is so contagious and those big blue eyes and blonde hair make me so giddy that your mine. Your lovey and onery. You love to be loud at times in restaurants as if your trying to talk to everyone there. Not sure who you get the talking so much from. 😉 Some may say you get it from me, but I’m not entirely sure. Haha.

You are growing into such a handsome little boy and I can’t wait for all the years to come watching you grow and learn new things. You are so smart and I only hope that as you grow up you have the brains like your daddy.

In the past year you have been to some amazing places. You moved from your first home in Lafayette, Indiana to your second in Princeton, New Jersey. Now we are back in Indiana where we will love and build a home and be surrounded by family. You have taken ten trips to New York City. Stood front row at the Macy’s Day Parade on your first Thanksgiving. Attended a Nascar race in Dover, Delaware. Flown on an airplane more times than I can count. The first being when you were just shy of two months old. You’ve been to the beach, felt the water in the ocean, met your first friend in New Jersey, and traveled to Chicago for a girls weekend. We’ve taken you to many amazing places that I wish you could remember, but I hope through all of the pictures I have taken that one day you can go back and reminisce on all the adventures you have been on.

Grayson, you have been the absolute best thing to ever happen to me. You have made me smile, laugh, cry, worry, but love even more. I thank God everyday God gave me you. I still can’t believe you are a toddler and and I am so excited to see what year two has in store.

Happy one year baby boy!








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