Playroom Preview

I have been wanting to take some pictures of our playroom and share with others because I am always having people ask me questions regarding how I did things, or where I got things. Today I finally got around to snapping some pictures and I am finally able to share our playroom with you! I often get asked if I run a school or small daycare! I don’t but just love having different options for Grayson.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this space I have created for Grayson to play in, to help grow his imagination and to learn along the way. I have put lots of time into making this a special place for him. Many ideas I have got from online and recreated in my own way.

Enjoy this preview of his playroom!

Playroom1 6

Please don’t think that his playroom stays organized and things stay put nicely in each little container, because these are typically all dumped to the floor within minutes of playing. My sister in-law created these two sensory bottles using VOSS water bottles. They are so neat! I also picked up some Magformers from Amazon and Grayson and I both love playing with them. They are magnetic and you can create different structures with them. The pom-poms we practice colors, sorting and Grayson uses to put in his trucks too. =) We have a variety of puzzles for him to do and he has recently gotten very good at placing them in the right spots on the board.

Playroom1 1

Playroom1 3

I used the big pom-poms and hot glued them to a string to hang along the big wall in the room to add some more decor to the pictures I had Grayson paint to hang up. I love having his artwork hung up and I will eventually hang more up.

Playroom1 8

I found the bookshelf gutter idea on Pinterest and have always wanted to use this idea over a bookshelf. It’s fun and takes up less space than a bookshelf. He can easily get to the books and see what the books are. I picked up a 10 foot gutter up from Lowes, sawed it in half, painted it and had my husband hang it up for me. I picked up the wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and painted them to hang above the gutters.

Playroom1 2

I picked up this $12 oil drip pan from Walmart and used a pack of velcro command strips to hang it on the wall. I ordered some magnets from Amazon and ta-da, a magnet board!

Playroom1 9

We love our Melissa and Doug easel that Grayson got for Christmas. We use it all the time!

Playroom1 13

I had looked for months online for a kitchen I wanted to get him, but I didn’t want to spend $300 at the time and hadn’t found one I really liked. I just happened to come by a yard sale and picked this one up for $50! It was in great shape. I took it home and cleaned it up a little and its almost as if it’s new. Grayson also got this activity learning table/lift up chalkboard for Christmas. It sits like a desk so he loves it!

Playroom1 7Playroom1 11

We have lots of trucks and tractors in our house! For Christmas we got him a Brio train set and he was constantly taking the pieces apart and we would have to put it back together. We ended up hot glueing most of the pieces together. I also found that Target sells some train set pieces for $2.99 so on occasion I pick up a few new pieces for him. Today we picked up this subway train which is below, it’s a special one because that is what his daddy used to ride into work on when we lived in New Jersey.

Playroom1 4Playroom1 14Playroom1 12

I am always looking for fun learning activities and ideas to use in his playroom. So if you have any awesome suggestions please share!

Playroom1 10


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