Mornings are Best with Breakfast!

As a mom, I now have the urge to want to photograph every little detail of my child’s life. You know they say the days are long, but the years are short, and quite frankly I don’t want to miss a single thing. Therefore I have recently decided that I am going to start doing more fun lifestyle sessions from our daily life. Not that I don’t take enough pictures already, but I am the first to pull out my cell phone and take quick snaps on that. I’m hoping when Grayson is older he can go back and look at things we have done with him. Some being these random lifestyle sessions from his life. As an adult, looking back on my childhood it’s hard to remember some of the things you truly wish you could remember every detail of. 

I had my camera sitting on the kitchen counter this morning since I used it to take pictures of the playroom a few days ago, and as Grayson was eating I figured what better way to start than now.

Not every picture in life has to be posed or styled. This is life and how we live it everyday. I want to remember the little things, the details, the smiles, the messes, the real us.

With that, enjoy a little bit of our breakfast time this morning. 


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