Newborn Pictures

Every single time I look at Graysie’s newborn pictures, I want to smile and cry at the same time, if that is even possible. She is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. We had Graysie’s newborn photos taken by the talented Rachel Vanoven. Go check her out on Facebook her newborn work is phenomenal. Her patience and the way she moves from pose to pose is just flawless. She has handled hundreds of babies posing them so strategically to get the most perfect pose and as you will see below, she doesn’t fall short. These photos were taken at just 6 days old! So curly, perfect skin, the sweetest little smirks. She was so good!

I was so nervous how Graysie would do, but she slept half way through then ate and went right back to it only peeing on Rachel once and myself once!

Graysie Newborn-0012.jpg

My sweet friend Tricia knitted Graysie the most beautiful rainbow pants and bonnet. They were just absolutely perfect. We also had to bring along Grayson’s motorcycle vest my mom brought him home from Sturgis when he was a newborn. We wrapped her up in it and the picture is now perfectly displayed on our wall next to a picture of Grayson on his motorcycle and her daddy and Grayson on a motorcycle.

One memory I will never forget from her newborn session is when we had her take a picture with Grayson’s picture so we could have a picture with both of our babies in one frame. I will never forget watching her gently place his picture by her sweet little face and I looked up at Brent and he had tears falling from his cheeks. Of course I wasn’t far behind. It was a quiet moment in the room, but one that pulled at my heart strings.  The pictures simply speak for themselves.

Photos by: Rachel Vanoven Photography

Pink Graysie Newborn Hat: Little Ones Love

One thought on “Newborn Pictures

  1. Thank you for sharing your Beautiful child. A moment in photos of memories that will last for an eternity. Just Lovely. 💕


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