Hello World

Graysie 1 Week

I have quite a bit to get caught up on with our Graysie girl here on the blog, so I figured I would start from the beginning! This month she will be 3 months old!? How is that even possible? This girl is growing like a weed! These pictures were taken when she was just a week old! It seems just like yesterday. It’s almost like I can still smell that fresh out the womb newborn baby smell, and see the flaky skin that was on her belly and her wrists. Her sweet little yawns and the way she always has her hands in fists. Just a few of the things I want to always remember. And that bottom left picture of her sucking her hand, she still does that at 2 months!

This little lady has brought us so much joy and life the past few months. One day she will realize just how special she is to us. That first week home Graysie gave her daddy and I a run for our money. She had her nights and days mixed up! She wanted to party into the night, every night! The poor girl wouldn’t sleep in the $200 bassinet we bought her because of her acid reflux, which she is currently on medicine for and she loved to cry! I mean all babies love to cry at some point, this girl she just cried and cried and at times I felt so helpless. Her diaper would be clean, she would eat, she’d fall asleep for a short time and then be up and cry. He dad and I would walk and bounce her, rock her, sing to her, play music and this girl just wouldn’t have it. We spent the first few weeks trading off sleep just so we could stay up all night and hold her. I don’t mind the cuddles one bit, but to function I had to have small power naps even if that was only 30 minutes at a time!

The doctor finally said she had a little bit of colic and it would slowly work itself out over the months. Being on the reflux medicine and now on a probiotic as well has helped a lot!

Everyday I wonder what I ever did without her.

Be on the lookout for more sweet posts of Graysie as I get caught up on the first two months of her life!





One thought on “Hello World

  1. Graysie is perfect‼️‼️Thankyou for posting and this bundle of Joy💕 Glad she got through that rough feeding time. It happens.. 🌹


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