Today is the beginning of a month I have been dreading over the past 10 months, Grayson’s birthday is July 29th and his Heavenly anniversary is just a short 17 days later. I have been struggling recently and my emotions have been all over the place. Brent and I do our very best to stay focused on the positive, even when our hearts are hurting so incredibly bad. Lately tears immediately fill my eyes when I mention Grayson’s name. Tears are good to shed because it shows just how much love you have for someone you love.  

I have been trying for months to think of something to do to celebrate Grayson and keep his memory alive this month. I would love for everyone who follows me to be a part of this. Although there is so much heartache Brent often tells me we have to do our best to focus on the positive, we can’t change the past, although everyday we wish we could. We wish things could be different because we all know if we could fix things like this, we would without a doubt. 
I know I find myself at times wishing I had things I didn’t or getting frustrated over little things in life that can’t be fixed, but I am one blessed momma and I am so forever grateful for the 2 years and 17 days I got to spend with Grayson. We are all very grateful for many things in our life, but do you ever stop to think of how truly grateful you are in life?
Are you an everyday Debbie Down? Depressed because you can’t find the good in life. Do you ever stop and just think, wow I am so thankful for this life, the family that I have, the house I have over my head, the job I am blessed with? 
Folks, I lost a child, but I am here, and I am living because I have a purpose to be happy for my daughter, for Grayson’s sister. I am using my voice and doing my very best to be sure Grayson is NEVER forgotten. I lose sleep over trying to figure out what happened in my life, but I too lose sleep trying to figure out how I can turn my tragedy into helping others get through similar situations. I am constantly thinking of ways to help Riley, to help other families who are suffering loss, I wish I could bring back every little life that was taken too soon from PARENTS who don’t deserve the heartache. From FAMILIES who don’t deserve the heartache. I will continue to be an advocate for Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), E.coli, food safety and child loss. 
I am a very strong willed woman and I will be certain that Grayson’s name and story continues to touch lives near and far because I know that this boy was going places. He was smart and funny. He had the sweetest laugh, the perfect smile and the biggest heart.

This month is all about Grayson, and with that I urge each of you for the month of July to post (on Facebook or Instagram if you have either of those social media outlets) once a day something you are grateful for and when you post it hashtag #GratefulForGrayson and you can attach this picture with it if you like (just save to your phone and attach it each day to your post). Everyday I will be looking for these posts to see what you all are grateful for in your life. I hope that it allows you to take a few moments each day to truly reflect on your life and see what you have in front of you, what you are truly grateful for. 


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