Happy 2nd Birthday Graysie Girl!


I can’t believe I laid in bed tonight, ran my fingers through your hair, kissed your soft cheeks and told you I loved you and goodnight for the last time as a ‘baby’. Tomorrow you wake up a toddler, but in my eyes you will always be a baby.

I wish I had the words to explain just how much you mean to me. You have grown up so much in the last year. You are independent, wild, loving, caring, emotional, strong willed, energetic and passionate.

You are so brave and fierce and I know you will grow up continuing to be that same type of women. One who is independent, bold, compassionate, a leader, giver and one who never gives up.

Your love for Mickey Mouse continues and you’ve found a new love of Toy Story or Buzz as you call it. You are a “do-er”. You love hands on activities, like playing in bubble water, play doh, coloring and painting. This year you enjoyed playing outside and driving your gator. You loved helping mom and dad pick veggies in the garden and watch the dog do funny jumping tricks. You love playing with babies, sliding down the footrest, brushing your teeth, playing with your kitchen, letting daddy tickle you and throw you on the couch. You love to ride in dad’s truck, you are a huge lover of chocolate and you enjoy stealing your dad’s diet green tea.

This last year you learned you would become a big sister and you have been very gentle and loving towards your little brother. You love telling him “hi”!

Two is a big milestone in not only your life, but your daddy and I’s too. I didn’t realize how quick the days would go by let alone the years. Watching you grow and learn everyday has brought me so much happiness and joy. I know there are many days I’ve failed as a mother. I’ve raised my voice, I’ve cried and you too have done the same. I look back and feel guilt for the way I acted as an adult to my child. I know we will have those days throughout the years, but know that no matter how difficult the day, you are so loved. I will always believe in you, I will always push you to do better, I will encourage you, laugh with you and cry with you.

I am not only your mother, but I am your friend. I only hope that we can be the best of friends the older you get. You mean so much to me, more than honestly you will ever know. You were my saving grace when times were and still are extremely difficult. You brought me happiness during a time in my life I didn’t think happiness would ever exist again. You will never know what those times for me were like, but know that having you filled a place in my heart that was really hurting.

I can only hope this next year we can make many more memories. There were many things I got to experience with your older brother for the first time. And this year I will get to experience a lot of new firsts that I have yet to experience as a mother, and they will be with you.

Thank you for loving me at the end of everyday, even on the hard days because I know to your little “2” year old self you will wake up and continue loving me like you’d never had a bad day the day before.

I hope you have the best 2nd birthday ever, Graysie. You deserve the world and I am so proud to be your mommy. Keep on smiling and laughing because you can brighten anyone’s day!

I love you sweet girl.



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