Maverick’s Birth Story

We are just past one month since welcoming our third kiddo, Maverick Gray to our family; so I figured I better get his birth story wrote out since it is still fresh in my heart and mind.

I first want to start by sharing about his name. I know we threw many people off by not having a G name. You see we originally had three names picked out and Brent and I were never really agreeing. Brent has always loved the name Grissom and after finally agreeing on it that’s what we were going to go with. Then a few months ago we were driving back from my cousins wedding and Brent said I think we should actually go with Grady. I again said I was okay with either. So in my head I was preparing myself for Grady, I even asked Brent numerous times if he was sure because I wanted to order a newborn hat with his name on it. He still said yes so I ordered the hat. Roughly 10 days before our scheduled c-section Brent had a change of heart and said I think I like Graham. Which was one of our top 3 names. I said I need to know for sure what you want to do. At this point we still hadn’t picked any middle names because we couldn’t quite find something that flowed with any of the three names. I said I already ordered a Grady hat and he said go ahead and order the other. Then we will have both incase we change again.


The day before our c-section it was 5am and I got up to use the restroom and couldn’t fall back asleep and Brent ended up waking up. We were both on our phones googling middle names since we still had yet figured one out. And Brent said I don’t want to do a G name. He continues saying middles names with Graham and nothing just sounds good to us. And out of no where he says ‘Maverick’. Graham Maverick. He was like, no. Then he was like Maverick Gray. That’s it! I said let me think about it today and say it and then we can fully decide. As the day went on I really started to like it.

And there we have, Maverick Gray it was. He has a piece of both his brother and sister in his name.

We didn’t tell anyone this name change until he was born! It was actually quite exciting to see what everyone was going to say when we told them.

Everyone loved it, even the nurses at the hospital. And we were told by almost every nurse that he will probably beat to the tune of his own drum because those Maverick’s are wild. Well if you known his sister she beats to the tune of her own drum too! Earlier this week I got an email from someone and they congratulated us on Maverick and he said, you know with a name like Maverick he’s bound to be wild, but in a good way, a game changer, an idea and action and a thinking outside of the. Ok kinda guy. And once I saw that I can only hope he is just that, one that wants to make a difference in life.

We are so smitten with our little guy, and he has fit in just perfectly.

The morning of my c-section I got up and took an antimicrobial shower and curled my hair, ya know to give myself some volume in my half up ponytail lol. Brent got up and showered and then 20ish minutes before we had to take off we woke Graysie up to get ready. She rode with us to the hospital and my mom and Grandma watched her while we were back in surgery.

This is our last picture as a family of “4” before we left for the hospital.

I was so anxious on the way to the hospital. Anxious for many reasons. To expand our family, to see how Graysie would react to having a little brother, to having surgery, recovering after surgery, etc etc.

Once to the hospital the nicest nurse Bridget helped me get all settled and hooked up to my iv, she got the monitor on me to check the baby’s heartbeat and started my fluids before we went back to surgery.

Graysie was up early and she was getting quite nervous seeing mom all hooked up, and I think she was starting to wonder what was going on once Brent got suited up.

Nurse Bridget was so sweet to help Graysie warm up and help get momma all ready.

Shortly after I finished up my fluids, the team of doctors came in to give me the run down and soon after I was walking down to the OR. I started tearing up at this point as I have Graysie a kiss and said I’ll see you soon with baby brother and told her I loved her. We were going to have another baby soon! I was so ready, so nervous, so anxious but so so happy.

Brent and I and the nurses walked down to the OR, I gave Brent a kiss as he had to stand in the hallway until they got my spinal block in then they called him in to stand by me.

It’s so crazy how each delivery is so different. I’ll link Grayson and Graysie’s birth stories here. I will say planned c-sections may be easier not having to go through labor, but they are so nerve wracking. Sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for the anesthesiologist to get you all prepped then you are numb from just under the breasts down, you lay there on the bed with oxygen just waiting to hear a little cry. One of my favorite parts are the warm blankets they put on me lol.

It’s not long once they get going for the baby to be here. Brent has stood and watched all three of our csections. And I will ask him occasionally what’s going on. Brent always is eager to say “he’s here” and I wait to hear the cry which can be so nerve wracking. We were all taking guesses on what we thought he would weigh, and Brent was the closest as he came out a whopping 8.7. Grayson was 8.1 and Graysie was 7.8. I was not expecting such a big baby! The doctor was sure to first mention his little double chin! I wanted to know if he had hair!

I handed off my phone to a nurse to snap some pictures for us. This csection was so nice because I was able to lay and watch Maverick get his initial check and tests done right there in the OR with me. After he was done Brent got to stand in the room with me and hold him for a good 15 minutes or so, before the two of them headed to the recovery room where I would soon meet them to do skin to skin and nurse for the first time.

8.7 lb // 20 in. long

Skin to skin and nursing for the first time is so important to me. It’s that first bonding moment and the first real time I get a good look at my baby. Being numb and laying down flat I never get a good look until I can sit up better and look them all over, take in their scent and just hold them close on my chest.

After we were in recovery for an hour we headed back to our room where my mom , Grandma and Graysie were waiting. When we first came in Graysie was a little stand offish. Seeing me in the bed and Brent in his white suit she wasn’t sure what was going on. Brent held her up to see the baby and she wasn’t quite sure about the whole situation. A part of me was so sad inside because she wouldn’t come up to me. She was nervous and I could see it. She was tired from being up at 5:45am. But I knew she was scared seeing me like I was.

Graysie meeting Maverick didn’t go initially how I had imagined. She was crying eventually and didn’t really want anything to do with him, but a part of me expected that. She is very very sensitive when it comes to babies, where in person or in movies and tv shows. The next day she came up she finally sat on dads lap with the baby and patted his back.

I will add I think Graysie was experiencing some anxiety to begin with she had never stayed the night away from us and while we were in the hospital she stayed with my mom for two nights. I was anxious leaving her and I think she was experiencing the same being away from mom and dad. I know she was having fun, but when you are not in your norm we all experience some anxiety. She got him a bear and a balloon.

Our sweet nurse went and got him two Santa hats since Christmas was jut a few days away! The day before we came home Graysie finally had the courage to come and sit by me in the bed and get a closer look at her brother.

Maverick, like both of my other two kids was a master nurser. He latched right on and had absolutely no trouble at all nursing. It always amazes me how babies just know what to do once they are born. And even though I nursed Grayson for over two years and Graysie over a year every nursing experience with your children is so different. I’ll elaborate more on this in my next post.

Overall our birth with Maverick was very easy and nothing crazy happened. The week after his birth is when everything started to go crazy I’ll share that in a separate post so this one doesn’t get too long.

We were so excited to get released and get home to our Graysie girl and start our life with two kiddos at home, something we had longed for, for so long. We got released a few hours before Maverick had even turned 48 hours old, that is the earliest we have ever taken off. Excited to get him because my back was killing me from the bed!

Welcome home, Maverick Gray, we love you and have waited so long for you!

3 thoughts on “Maverick’s Birth Story

  1. I don’t even know how you find time to blog! But, it’s great that you can articulate your life events so well. Love you and your special family!


  2. I have been following your story for a while. You are special people and i look forward to what you post. Your Graysie is growing so fast and is an adorable little girl. And Maverick, what a doll. I can see both your kids in him. Can u post a full picture of your husband’s tatoo…it looks beautiful..


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