Two Hands on Dinosaur Sensory Bins

These two sensory bins are super easy to throw together and take little preparation! And I’m positive it will keep your little one engaged long enough for you to start a load of clothes, unload the dishwasher, maybe throw on some makeup, etc. 😆

Really though sometimes it’s nice to just see what you have in the house, throw it in a tub and let their little minds be imaginative.

Graysie somehow has got into dinosaurs. And she was given a bunch of play dinosaurs and this week we have taken advantage of playing with them.

She was playing with the dinosaurs on the floor and I thought ohh let me get a bin and I have some kinetic sand I can throw in there. Then I remembered in our train set we had some plastic boulders so I threw those in their too for mountains. Add in a paint brush to brush away “dirt” and you can now search for dinosaurs!

All of a sudden my kid became a paleontologist and was digging for dinosaurs right before my eyes. Kidding, but she loved it.

I would have her look away and I would bury a few and then she would use her brush to move the sand off of the dinosaurs. Regular sand would work great too as kinetic sand is more like a magnet and doesn’t brush away as easy, but I like it’s not as messy!

The second quick sensory bin I threw together was actually going to be a Dino wash. I put water in a tub and was going to add in some bubbles and liquid watercolor. But then I was like okay what can I do that’s a little extra and of course more fun; so I added in some elbow macaroni.

We called the macaroni “dinosaur bones”. She loved used a fine mesh strainer and a spoon or her hands and scooping them in the strainer or just picking them up in her hands. For older kiddos you could have them search for the “bones/fossils” and then set them out a hard surface and try to assemble a dinosaur figure.

Again, these are super easy bins that can be throw together if you have the materials of course.

Purple container (kitty litter box)- Dollar General

Plastic Dinosaurs-Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, etc

Liquid Watercolor- Amazon

Kinetic Sand- Amazon

Fine mesh strainer- Dollar General

If this is something you give a try at I’d love to see pictures!

It’s all about being creative and imaginative with the things you have at home. If you don’t have dinosaurs, use other play animals you may have!

One thought on “Two Hands on Dinosaur Sensory Bins

  1. Grea5 Idea…I th8nk any child using his or hands in creativity is wise. Even kindergarteners would love this… ❤️


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