Graysie Girl’s Nursery

So I’ll confess, I probably spent way too much time scouring Pinterest, looking at Instagram and walking Target and Hobby Lobby piecing together the perfect pieces for my little lady’s nursery. There are a few missing pieces that will soon be added, but all in all it’s a perfect fit for the sweet little lady I have yet to meet. I hope she loves it! 😉 With moving into a new home I am doing my best to keep things looking fresh and somewhat minimal if that is even possible. I love floral, I love succulents, I love greenery, but I also love a mix of colors that help things pop. I came across a picture that had a navy wall in a little girl’s room and fell in love. I have never really been a huge navy fan until recently. Give me all the navy and gold! When I first began putting all my ideas together I wasn’t sure if the navy would go well with the touches of green, pint, pink and gold I had planned to add in, but I think it turned out perfect.

I went to Lowe’s a handful of times, picked up their paint pallet books to find the perfect colors for her room. This little project has kept my mind busy since the loss of my son Grayson. I loved his room that we had recently put together in our old house, it was a traveling, NYC, world-ish theme and his bathroom was complete with the perfect stoplight shower curtain and maps of the NYC subway system.

I wanted to give Graysie a sweet little place of her own too. I’ll post all the details below, but I wanted to share the variety of things I have pieced together to make her nursery what it is. The perfect wall color ties into the colors of the room perfectly. I found her changing table on a garage sale site for $40. It was hot pink and I sanded it down and gave it a new fresh coat of paint and added some cute gold knobs from Hobby Lobby. I picked out some fabric and had my grandma and great aunt sew my changing pad covers the one shown and then another is floral.

I also sat one of our salt lamps in there because it gives off the perfect amount of light for nightly diaper changes and to help keep the air purified and hopefully collect dusk. The house plant and the flower candle which has flowers in it were from Grayson’s Celebration of Life. I also had to add in the Hello pillow for some decor. It makes me think of our Grayson as Adele’s Hello was his favorite song and it was the perfect little touch to add to her room because I know he will always be watching over his little sister, and for Christmas my mom got Graysie the sweet little bear with her brother’s picture on it.

All in all it’s the cutest room in the house for sure!

  • Wall art: Etsy
  • Crib sheet: Amazon
  • Salt lamp:
  • Hello pillow + cactus picture + mirror: Hobby Lobby
  • Gold shelf: At Home
  • All other wall decor: Target
  • Rug: Pillowfort Collection from Target
  • Curtains: The Land of Nod
  • Gold marble topped table: Hobby Lobby
  • Paint colors: Sherwin Williams Naval other walls were Sherwin Williams Simply Beige
  • Changing table color: (I forget what brand) Mint Gala
  • Clothes Rack: Red Barn Collective

I’m so excited to bring her home to this special place that’s officially hers!

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