The Donut Shop

Brent wants to start a tradition of us going to the donut shop on Sunday mornings. We got there, stood in line to pick out our donuts. Brent asked me what I was going to get, of course I said an original glazed, boring I know I’m not a huge donut person.

The girl asks Brent what he wants, he responds and as I go to order I look down and see some glazed donut holes, and say I’ll have 8 donut holesfor Graysie and I to share. Brent says you know they have the glazed whole donuts up there and points. I said yeah I just want these today.

We go sit at a booth and start eating our donuts. Graysie sitting on my lap, eating small pieces of mine and her dad’s donut, and I start crying. I look down so Brent doesn’t see me crying. I glance up to wipe my eyes and look back down and keep eating. He says ‘are you okay’? Tears start pouring out more, but I shake my head yes I’m fine. He says do we need to leave? I said no I’ll be okay.

I glance back up to wipe my own tears and see tears in Brent’s eyes. He didn’t even have to ask what I was crying about because I know he knew. I hadn’t been back inside the same bakery since Grayson’s 2nd birthday. Grayson and I got up and went there and got donut holes on the morning of his birthday.

Sometimes places and things hit you and all you can do is either smile or cry or smile through the tears. I know Grayson was there with us enjoying his own fix of donuts.


One thought on “The Donut Shop

  1. I understand. There are so many places I still cannot go, and probably never will again, because of the memories of my little Ronan. You are a brave mama, Kayla. My prayers are with you. You are, unfortunately, not alone in this grief business. 💙


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