At Home Toddler Activities

Here is a roundup of some of the recent craft and hands on activities we have done at home. Graysie LOVES to paint so I do my best to mix it up and allow her to paint different ways, using different things we have around our home. I will have to do a separate post soon on ways to display and store these sentimental items our children make.

The first few pictures are our final products. Keep scrolling to see more pictures!

Dot Markers-The photo below reminded me of the sun and I had to frame it and put it on a shelf in the living room. These are a pretty easy somewhat mess free activity. If your children are like Graysie they may learn to press on the tip and let the liquid from the marker drip out and get all over their hands.

We used clothes pins and pom pom balls to paint! If you try this be sure to watch your child closely since the balls are small and could be a choking hazard.

Pepper Painting- I cut the top off of a bell pepper and cleaned out the seeds. The pepper resembles a shamrock and is the perfect activity for St. Patrick’s Day!

Egg Painting with Potatoes- I cut craft paper into the shape of an egg and then washed and cut a potato in half. I carved out straight lines in each potato halve to give it the design of a decorative Easter egg.

We also tried watercolors for the first time! I haven’t painted with watercolors since elementary school. I even enjoyed painting with these again. I continued to wet the paints for her so we didn’t have a cup of water spilling everywhere.

Pasta sensory box- 1 box of penne pasta and a few different “play kitchen” utensils a cheap and fun activity for little ones. This is one you will have to watch closely as well, Graysie tried sticking a few pieces of pasta in her mouth. These will probably end up out of the tub as it did with us, but she enjoyed it!

We used these pom pom balls to also practice picking up and putting in a small cup then taking them out and placing in a second cup. It doesn’t take much to entertain a little one.

Pipe Cleaner and Colander- This little activity helps with hand and eye coordination. Graysie doesn’t quite get it just yet, but show your little ones to stick the pipe cleaner through the small holes.

Pom Pom Painting with Clothes Pins- A neat way to mix up painting by using something other than your fingers and a brush. We clipped the balls in the clothes pin and I matched them to paint colors we had. She of course didn’t dip them in the right color, but it’s always good to start showing children little things like this. Repetition is the best way for them to learn. I would say the colors out loud as she picked them up and I would help her here and there to try to dip in the correct color.

If you try any of these activities out be sure to share them with me! I’d love to see!

2 thoughts on “At Home Toddler Activities

  1. I am in absolute awe at how confined you were able to keep the mess! I’ve tried a couple of these and I’m STILL finding pieces from them all over the house. Ooops. lol.


  2. My nephew also loves painting. And he also has the tendecy to pop things in his mouth from time to time. I guess all toddlers do. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! We will be trying out potato stamping soon.


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